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Kids need to let loose and get their energy out whether it be in the backyard, or hiking with the family. So if you are looking for rain jackets, insulated winter coats or cute tee shirts to play in, check out our kids section.

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Patagonia Refugio Pack Patagonia Refugio Pack Price: $89.00
Patagonia Chacabuco Pack Patagonia Chacabuco Pack Price: $99.00
Patagonia Atom Patagonia Atom Price: $49.00
Patagonia Refugio Kids Patagonia Refugio Kids Price: $49.00
Patagonia Yerba Pack 24L Patagonia Yerba Pack 24L Price: $79.00
Patagonia Arbor Pack Patagonia Arbor Pack Price: $99.00
Patagonia Morning Glory Dress - Women Patagonia Morning Glory Dress - Women's Price: $69.00Sale: $51.99
Patagonia Mini Mass Bag Patagonia Mini Mass Bag Price: $79.00
Patagonia Happy Hike Shorts - Women Patagonia Happy Hike Shorts - Women's Price: $49.00Sale: $36.99
Patagonia Happy Hike Capris - Women Patagonia Happy Hike Capris - Women's Price: $55.00Sale: $41.99
Patagonia Solar Wind Jacket - Men Patagonia Solar Wind Jacket - Men's Price: $249.00Sale: $149.99
Patagonia R2 Jacket - Men Patagonia R2 Jacket - Men's Price: $169.00Sale: $99.99
37 Products Found
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