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Ibex designs clothing with one thing in mind - you. Ibex outdoor clothing specializes in producing excellent Merino wool and organic clothing. They take the finest renewable and naturally versatile wool and craft product with performance, style, and comfort for any outdoor experience.

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Patagonia Au Bateau Top - Women Patagonia Au Bateau Top - Women's Price: $55.00Sale: $27.99
Horny Toad Chaka Skirt - Women Horny Toad Chaka Skirt - Women's Price: $58.00 - $59.00Sale: $43.99
Patagonia Spright Cami - Women Patagonia Spright Cami - Women's Price: $29.00Sale: $18.99
Patagonia Tidal Skirt - Women Patagonia Tidal Skirt - Women's Price: $39.00Sale: $29.99
Horny Toad Metamorphose Dress - Women Horny Toad Metamorphose Dress - Women's Price: $86.00Sale: $55.99
Prana Mikayla Tank Top - Women Prana Mikayla Tank Top - Women's Price: $55.00Sale: $35.99
Patagonia Line Logo T-Shirt - Men Patagonia Line Logo T-Shirt - Men's Price: $35.00Sale: $25.99
Horny Toad Lyra Dress - Women Horny Toad Lyra Dress - Women's Price: $79.00Sale: $50.99
Horny Toad Muse Dress - Women Horny Toad Muse Dress - Women's Price: $84.00Sale: $62.99
Horny Toad Marley Tee - Women Horny Toad Marley Tee - Women's Price: $46.00Sale: $26.99
Horny Toad Rosemarie Dress - Women Horny Toad Rosemarie Dress - Women's Price: $82.00Sale: $61.99
Patagonia Margot Dress - Women Patagonia Margot Dress - Women's Price: $65.00Sale: $32.99
Patagonia Lithia Skirt - Women Patagonia Lithia Skirt - Women's Price: $49.00Sale: $36.99
Patagonia Kamala Skirt - Women Patagonia Kamala Skirt - Women's Price: $65.00Sale: $29.99
16 Products Found
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